Household Hazardous Waste Program

Clean Sweep provides an opportunity for residents of Madison and Dane County to safely dispose of hazardous waste.

Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 2:45
Saturday: 8:00 - 10:45
Closed Sunday and Holidays.

We are now (as of May 1st 2013) located at
7102 US Hwy 12, Madison WI 53718,
(Beltline/12/18 East toward Cambridge)
across from the Yahara Hills Golf Course at the Dane County Landfill.


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Guidelines for Materials Brought to Clean Sweep

Waste materials should be packaged in boxes or rigid totes to keep products upright and prevent spillage during transportation to the collection facility. Keep materials in their original containers. DO NOT PACK OR CO-MINGLE YOUR WASTE MATERIALS IN PLASTIC TRASH BAGS. Individual items may be bagged in plastic if the original container is compromised. Do not mix any materials. Upon arrival at the landfill site, follow the entrance road, drive past the scale, go directly to the Clean Sweep building, and stop under the canopy. Clean Sweep staff will greet you and direct you to the counter (inside of the walk-in door under the canopy) to collect your payment. You will be asked to furnish proof of residency. If you have items or materials that are subject to fees, you will pay at this point. Payment is to be in the form of cash or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only). No checks or currency larger than $20 bills are accepted. After payment of fees, Clean Sweep staff will assist you in unloading your vehicle. Facility operators reserve the right to refuse any waste or material deemed unacceptable. If you are bringing gasoline or other fuels to Clean Sweep, remember to transport your fuel in an approved container (no more than 6 gal. size). Clean Sweep staff will pour off the fuels and return your container, time permitting. Unapproved or unsafe fuel containers will not be returned.


Electronics will be accepted from Dane County residents/households only. Fees apply to TV's and computer monitors. NO ELECTRONICS ACCEPTED FROM BUSINESSES.
All electronic materials will be responsibly handled in an environmentally safe and secure manner, using the best data wiping software available. Electronic materials accepted at Dane County Clean Sweep include: Monitors, laptops, servers, TV's, printers, computers, printer/fax/scanners, DVD players, stereo equipment, VCR's, video game consoles, computer peripherals, mice/keyboards, PDA/cell phones, all computer parts, MP3/IPods/etc., telephones, UPS batteries, copiers, typewriters, cash registers, networking equipment, and cable boxes. Also accepting radios, digital clocks, digital cameras, and remotes. ALL BATTERIES MUST BE REMOVED FROM ELECTRONIC ITEMS. The listing of the types of electronic materials accepted at Dane County Clean Sweep is subject to change. Please note that any television size and/or quantity restrictions will be listed here.

Clean Sweep does NOT accept dehumidifiers or other appliances. Contact your local official, trash hauler, or private recycler for details.

Disposal options for common items

Although we do our best to accept as much household hazardous waste as possible, there are some things we cannot take off your hands. Click on the items below to display information regarding their disposal.

Note: If an item is in this list, it does not necessarily mean that Clean Sweep will accept it.

Clean Sweep does not accept tires, paper or cardboard products, yard waste, construction, debris, rubbish, glass, solid metals, solid waste, appliances, etc. Contact your local official, trash hauler, or private recycler for details.

Disposal Instructions for Household Items