Product Exchange Program

This program allows you to bring in chemicals that are still useable, including paint, thinners, solvents, and pesticides. We make these products available free to the public at our on-site product exchange store. Please note that in accordance with Dane County ordinance Chapter 80 and City of Madison ordinance MGO 7.48, Clean Sweep cannot provide phosphorus containing lawn fertilizer in the Product Exchange. If you're looking for any other free materials that Clean Sweep has on its shelves, stop by and see what may be useful to you. The Product Exchange is open during normal Clean Sweep program hours.

The City of Madison/Dane County Clean Sweep Facility cannot, and does not, guarantee the integrity, safety, usability, or effectiveness of the products taken from the Product Exchange. When you take products from this facility, you do so at your own risk. Every product is provided “as is”, and there are no express or implied warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose.

All Product Exchange customers should proceed directly to the Clean Sweep building and stop under the canopy. Clean Sweep staff will provide you with further instructions.

Program Details

Dane County’s new household hazardous waste facility features a larger area devoted to product reuse and exchange. Products that are received in good condition are stocked on the shelves of the product exchange room for redistribution to the public. This program is FREE to Dane County residents (non-residents are prohibited). In order to promote safety, discourage hoarding and facilitate fair distribution of product exchange materials to the general public, product exchange customers will be allowed a single entry per week to the product exchange room. The amount of product taken by each customer shall be limited to an amount which the customer can physically carry to their vehicle upon exiting the building. Re-entry is prohibited. Materials taken from the product exchange room are for personal use only and are not to be resold. Product exchange customers shall not test any product, open any container or mix or combine any chemicals or containers in the product exchange room! Persons suspected of reselling or hoarding large amounts of materials taken from the Product Exchange or otherwise violating facility rules will be banned from the facility and may be held responsible for disposal costs of any returned materials.

Madison Freecycle

Madison Freecycle is an email list and Yahoo! group whose purpose is to "reduce waste by providing an alternative to sending unneeded, but still usable items to the landfill." Check them out if you've got something of use that you don't want to throw away or if you're looking for free items.

Madison Stuff Exchange

The Madison Stuff Exchange "provides area residents and businesses with a convenient way to exchange, re-use, or sell items they no longer need or want." The difference between the Stuff Exchange and the Freecycle is that some items on the Stuff Exchange may be sold for up to $99.