Dane County Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep is a place to bring hazardous household materials such as Oil-Based Paints and Paint-Related Products, Pesticides & Poisons, Household Products Containing Organic Solvents, Ignitables, and Aerosols, and Rechargeable Batteries.

By providing the public with an opportunity to safely dispose of such hazardous products, we keep these products out of landfills and lower the environmental risks associated with such improper disposal. The payoff is a cleaner, healthier environment.

Household Waste

Clean Sweep provides an opportunity for residents of Madison and Dane County to safely dispose of hazardous waste.

Agriculture Waste

Dane County received a Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (WDATCP) agricultural clean sweep grant award for 2014. This grant underwrites our disposal costs so there will be no cost to farmers to dispose of agriculturally-related and household wastes through the Dane County Clean Sweep program in 2014, and agricultural businesses will pay only one-half the normal business cost to dispose of agriculturally-related waste materials.

Business Waste

You must have an appointment - call to schedule (608) 838-3212

The small business program allows farms and businesses to dispose of agricultural chemicals or other hazardous materials and waste in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) wastes are accepted by appointment only. No electronics will be accepted from businesses.

Product Exchange Program

This program allows you to bring in chemicals that are still useable, including paint, thinners, solvents, and pesticides. We make these products available free to the public at our on-site product exchange store. Please note that in accordance with Dane County ordinance Chapter 80 and City of Madison ordinance MGO 7.48, Clean Sweep cannot provide phosphorus containing lawn fertilizer in the Product Exchange. If you're looking for any other free materials that Clean Sweep has on its shelves, stop by and see what may be useful to you. The Product Exchange is open during normal Clean Sweep program hours.